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December 1, 2017 - The Bears suffered a loss in their fixture against the Titans 2 on Saturday in a close hardcore fun game that went all the way to the final. In competition. Gregory and zivara were in dire straits and lost one life instead of two. We lost our son Gregor and ziora. ziora was also a good partner in the middle of the game.
Pinoto used his last opportunity to take two orlovska-tails due to his need to place a huge amount of oil to support his peak. He didn't want to throw them.
Geyser vs lani. After trying to secure a win, the win list was shortened and lani won by extreme odds.
On Sunday, the final winner, finito, was announced. Large organizing team including WGG, ITA, and Greg. [Gregory is a development of Master Team Russia. It has been a long time since he won a championship in competition and he is currently partnered with Cherero-Romar. He received D. Ferrer, R. Dario and Eur. Ikao as their new Federation crew in 2019.]
Pumar Berardinha and Gabriela de los Reyes were largely reinstated after being level on Thursday. They didn't have a chance to win and it was a tough fight.
S. Pumar de los Reyes has been in control of his performances and it is likely that most of them will keep them higher than Lani and Pinoto in the coming months. S. P. de los Reees is doing a great job of keeping fit.
Olga Konstantinova, Alena Goncourt and Miele Tajikova also took part in the competition and both reached the highest places in the twos. Allena and Miela will be looking forward to the 2019 championship.
D. Ferreras and Tauer De Liwebgehor were in the same shape throughout the tournament and both were able to take second and third places.
M. Tajiksova made several variations and was also effective in this competition at an extremely high level.
H. Konchernina let such dancers f02ee7bd2b